It was better than one of those fantasies you have in the middle of class and better than one of those dreams you just don't want to wake up from.... This was last night. It was real! Pinch me - I can't believe I'm fully awake. Alive.

I had worked my butt off to get there, to stand on that stage, at the world class Kay Meek Centre of the Performing Arts. It had been a 20 year journey of twists and turns as a professional musician, when the 10,000 hour rule to being skilled at what you endeavour to do becomes way, waaaay more than that hour count. Last night I felt comfortable, chatty with the capacity crowd and little bloops along the way turned into hilarious moments. The show was drawing to an end. Our song set list read: "Ghost" (a song I wrote recently while on a little weekend trip to Nanainmo). The song is about being easy on yourself when you examine your mistakes and see your ghosts. It's about finding the way back "home" after all that intense self-work. And there I was, at home with the incredibly skilled musicians who form the band, Copper Cove Road. The band had come together in a shared love for music and each other's sound. I love playing with them so much. Each band member had offered so much of their time to me in the past, hoofing gear, rehearsing and playing shows and shows and shows over years of time. This show was to be one of our best ever.

What happened next was a slow motion moment for me. I sang the words to the verse, and the crowd was completely listening, totally with us. We were dynamic with our volume, with our feel and successfully created emotional highs and lows. Then I cried, "Terri Breeze" and off my dear friend went, fingers flying. She delivered one of the best bass solos I've ever heard, that she created herself and executed every note flawlessly. The crowd was riveted, awed by acknowledging the technical skill of what they were witnessing. Terri held one last chord....... let the crowd breathe for a couple of moments.... before coming in with the last chord of her solo in soul satisfying resolution. Whoa!

Mike Hurst cracked a blissed out Charlie Brown grin at me and brought in a surreal ambiance on the keyboard. I had a hard time coming to myself from my own state of awe and when I did, I could only whisper the words of the verse into the microphone. Mal Temple re-introduced the upbeat rhythm of the song at the words, "Shine the light of self love there...and treat yourself with care..." And what the heck! Doug Temple decided to light off fireworks with soaring notes on harmonica and together we built the impact of the last chorus, a grand finale! We had two incredible sound men, Neil and Pete, who resonated the moment into a spectrum of a million fractal colours.

I was lifted! I felt lifted high high up with the band, with the crowd, all of us together through the song, through all of our feelings, through a shared experience, through a joyful expression of love in a great artistic moment, with all of us playing a part, all of us creating it together.....and then...

I touched the face of God. Or the Universe. Whatever. Call it what you will. But I was there, in that place, just for a second.

And then the song was simply, radically, done.

There were people cheering but I could vaguely hear it. I was in the ether, falling back to earth, crashing into loving arms of friends who caught me.

It was a moment. A big moment. And I'll remember it forever. These are the best days of my life. Thank you for being part of this experience because you read this, you're obviously a person who makes it to the finish line in what you do. I hope you offer your voice, your words to me if you feel inspired to share your thoughts. I hope you take something positive away from this experience in my life and that your day is a little brighter, a little more of what you always dreamed it would be.

Love, Karen

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