OWEN THOMAS (ELECTRIC GUITAR) - Owen has worked diligently to master his own style over the years and brings a signature Country sensibility to the heart of the group.   Owen also can be seen grooving with Vancouver's Alan James and also the Tumbleweeds Band (Trevor Holbrook).

MAL TEMPLE (DRUMS) - Hailing from Nanaimo, Mal is one of West Vancouver's most in-demand drummers,  Mal has a dynamic touch and sounds as good playing with brushes as sticks.  He cuts tracks live off the floor but can track with the rest of them.  A live performer and recording artist, you can see also Mal backing up the Alan James Revue and Jeeves Signh.  

TERRI BREEZE (BASS) - Terri can be found breaking trail for the band  with her bass in hand.  Though her first musical love was "the Beatles", bands like Led Zeppelin  Jimi Hendrix, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd stole her heart early in her teenage years. Her family raised an eyebrow on more than one occasion as the music in their home centred mainly around classical music and show tunes!  In prior years Terri played in bands Copper Cove Road,  “Lotus BC”, Mark Sainsbury Band, One Headlight and Fresh Goat.   These days you can see Terri playing live regularly in and around the Vancouver area.  She also enjoys playing acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin and lap steel.  Terri is well known in local circles for her penchant to record music and has engineered/produced material for Mark Sainsbury, Feona LimPaul Coulter-Brown, Karen Fowlie and more.