It was better than one of those fantasies you have in the middle of class and better than one of those dreams you just don't want to wake up from.... This was last night. It was real! Pinch me - I can't believe I'm fully awake. Alive. I had worked my butt off to get there, to stand on that stage, at the world class Kay Meek Centre of the Performing Arts. It had been a 20 year journey of twists and turns as a professional musician, when the 10,000 hour rule to being skilled at what you endeavour to do becomes way, waaaay more than that hour count. Last night I felt comfortable, chatty with the capacity crowd and little bloops along the way turned into hilarious moments. The show was drawing t

Jan 10/18 Open Mic - Full House

It was an honour to be the jam host the second open mic performance at the Kay Meek Centre for the Performing Arts. Accompanied by Copper Cove Road, we had just under 100 people in attendance.


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Vancouver BC, Canada